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May 28, 2018, 09:29:40 AM
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Welcome to the forum of RSGallery2

RSGallery2 is a Joomla! gallery component from the old days (since the Mambo days 2004) when Joomla! started. It had a wide reach in 2008 when it was recommended in several books.
Actually it has reliable basic functions and runs without hassle in joomla! 3x. The forum response comes within appropiate time and the sources are in github.
The use of RSGallery2 is free as in free beer. This applies to private and commercial use

Our new Homepage:
It will contain the demo pages and more centralised information. It still has to be completed which will hopefully achived in the next weeks.

Advertising when RSGallery2 was state of the art

Incredible Features
RSGallery2 is very feature rich; just to name a few: mass (batch) uploading of images. Users having their own gallery where they can upload and share their images, watermarking, resizing and for the advanced user an own templating system.

Active community
RSGallery2 offers high quality support with its active community and it's own team. Just do a search on the forums over here and probably your question is already answered. If not, please post your problem in the appropriate category.

Will it always be free?
RSGallery2 is released by the GPL licence and will be free to use (as in free beer). If you like the project and want to give something back, please help out other users in the forums and share your code. In case you want support us financially, please consider a donation

Volunteers welcome
If the RSGallery2 means something to you think about how you may support us. We need help in creating the documentation , maintaining the web site (better view) and more.

Join us ;-)        --> We are reachable at team2 at

September 15, 2016, 04:11:30 PM by whazzup
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Welcome on the new home of the forum.
Notice the URL above. It has changed in Sept. 2016 to You may not have noticed it when you were automatically forwarded.

Please use now the new address. 

Addtitionally our new rsgallery2 home page is  which will be the new landing page in a few days.
The 'old' demo pages will be included in the joomla landing page.

Please update your link list to match the new URLs

The RSGallery2 team
June 08, 2016, 06:50:07 PM by whazzup
Views: 2861 | Comments: 0

 Sorry the upload size is 6.7 Megabytes internally (2.4M as *.zip) which is not accepted for ZIP upload on some servers
 Please upload by hand and install by files from server
  • Redesigned maintenance section (form)
  • Maintenance has now three zones
    • -> Repair zone: View config, improve db and images
    • -> Danger zone: Configuration raw edit, purge data and delete all images
    • -> Upgrade zone: (from 1.x or 2.x) Repair misssing database tables, ...
  • New in Maintenance->Upgrade zone: Compare actual DB with requierd RSG2 sql file and fix any discrepancies
  • Maintenance design with icomoon icons
  • Rewritten code: Every function (button) with two icomoon icons on the "button" is completely written anew
  • Basic checks and changes for running under PHP7
  • Edit of forms 'gallery' and 'images' missed the permission selection
  • Images in header of slideshow were arranged in two rows instead of one
  • My gallery: Add image or add gallery didn't add image or gallery
  • User Comments: 'Input Box' not shown and 'Send' not working
  • Permissions (ACL) can be set for gallery or image in edit form again
  • Fixed: Users of My gallery could upload in foreign galleries
Known issues:
  • Slideshow slideshow_pathfusion is not running.
Pages: 1 [2]

Support the project

Is RSGallery2 useful to you?
Consider a (small) donation to keep the project running:

* Latest Release

The latest release of RSGallery2 for Joomla! 3.x is version 4.2.0 J3x
Dated: 2016-06-05

The latest release of RSGallery2 for Joomla! 2.5 is version 3.2.0.
Dated: 2012-07-31

The latest release of RSGallery2 for Joomla! 1.5 is version 2.3.0.
Dated: 2012-07-31

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