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Trouble with login/posting


Every time I visit the forum I have to request a new password sent to me - when I try to log in I get an "invalid password" error. Yesterday I changed my username and password again in my account details - now today again I had to request a new password and when I went into my account details all the changes I made yesterday were gone. I also made a couple of posts yesterday with my new username, and now I don't see them in the thread anymore?!

What's the problem?

Today I am able to log in with the username/password I updated yesterday, but some of my posts are gone!

I wanted to respond to my own post on this thread, but my post is suddenly gone? What's happening?

Admin, can you just delete my account so I can create a new one using the same email address? I think having changed my username has caused a problem. Please email or PM me.

That's really odd.  I will delete your user.

Sorry about this guys, our magic db cluster was foxtroting.  Everything is working again now, but your posts were lost.   :'(

Feel free to reply/vent/flame as necessary.

No worries. I just created a new username. Thanks for checking up.


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