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jon kulas:
Here is a link to my site which uses the RS Gallery in the Portfolios section.

Comments are appreciated!

Very Nice, clean and user friendly.  I did receive the "Done, but with errors on page" - you might want to check your error log but it did not interfer with performance or images.  What template are you using ? I like the pop up for the gallery images looks like supercleanhs ? I feel like that big red banner across the top of the page needs something but maybe not :)
Nice site

jon kulas:
Thanks for the feedback, Lisa.  Yes, I do need to figure out that error.  I am using the joomlart template JA Drimia.  I do need to clean up the banner.  I can't decide on a header but I'll have that taken care of soon.


Daniel Tulp:
the site (frontpage that is) seems slow, but otherwise, nice website and gallery


Which version of Joomla did you use?


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