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Radek Kafka:
I've modified original scroller to be Joomla 1.5 native ..

try it and in case of correct function make it available for al..

Thank you, Radek!

Thumbs up!

The scroller module for RSGallery2's thumbs, that Radek updated to work with J!1.5, is now (also) available at:

Thanks Radek!

Works very well, thank you. Added it to my site :)

A nice modification would be to have a transition free scrolling. I mean when the x images are displayed, you have, at this time, an empty scrolling. Having a continuous sequence would be nice.

Tamara Thoel:
Hi Radek,

I love this module but I have an issue Ihope you can help me with. I installed this on and my issue is that it keeps repeating itself before it finishes the cycle. Can you help please. Thanks.


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