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In this topic you can find what the developers are working on regarding RSGallery2 for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5: snapshots of the development (a preview of what might be in the next release), the so-called 'Nightly Builds'. You can find the installable zip below (you need to login to see the attached file(s)). They are available for testing purposes. Please read the last messages back to see what's changed since the lates official release.

Warning: Use with caution, don't use on production sites, and as always don't forget to backup, backup, backup...

Available Nightly Builds (see included changelog for changes):
- (2)
- (4)
- (10)
- (5)
- (23)
- Note: The release RSGallery2 3RC1 is SVN1026
- com_rsgallery2_v3RC1_SVN1040 (5)
- Note: The release RSGallery2 3.0.1 is SVN1046
- (2)
- (1)
- (0)
- (4)
- (5)
- (9)
- (0)
- Note: The release RSGallery2 3.1.0 is SVN1061
- (1)
- (1)
- (7)
- (1)
- (2)
- (2)
- (2)
- (3)
- (6)
- Note: The release RSGallery2 3.2.0 is SVN1098

Please discuss these Nightly Builds by opening a thread in the board "Nightly Builds for RSGallery2 in Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5" ( unless you were referred to this topic in another thread, in that case please put your feedback in that thread.

Posting rules

* Start the subject line with [SVN xyz] where xyz is the SVN number of the Nightly Build you are using.
* Think of a meaningfull subject line (e.g. not "it does not work").
* Check if your problem already has been reported.
* Please include any relevant information:

* How to recreate the bug (preferably on a fresh Joomla install)?
* Versions of Joomla, RSGallery2, PHP, ...
* Are you using SEF, if yes, only Joomla SEF (where RSGallery2's advanced option is on or off) or what third party SEF?
* What did you expect to happen and what did happen?
* Now that J!1.6 ACL is implemented: also mention if your user is logged on and what permissions it has for the component/gallery/item.
* In case of questions, suggestions, etc. about a language, please help us by giving us the codes and the names for a language. E.g. nl-NL is dutch (nl) and the Netherlands (NL), just as pt-BR is portugese as spoken in Brazil.
The following options are known not to function in 3.x.x
Please, do not report problems with these items, we're working on it.

* Backend: Installation of templates with Template Manager
* Most .sys.ini files like "en-GB.com_rsgallery2.sys.ini" have only english strings, so the menu items are all in english (except for dutch (nl-NL)). Translators are invited to create those files and post them in the board "Nightly Builds for RSGallery2 in Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5" (
Available languages

* Tested: english (en-GB), dutch (nl-NL), persian (fa-IR, since SVN 1033).
* Not tested (translators and feedback from users appreciated): danish (da-DK), german (de-DE), greek (el-GR), spanish (es-ES), finnish (fi-FI), french (fr-FR), hebrew (he-IL), croatian (hr-HR), hungarian (hu-HU), italian (it-IT), norwegian (nb-NO), brazilian portugese (pt-BR), slovenian (sl-SI), turkish (tr-TR).

Biggest changes in v3 since SVN 1012:

* + J!1.6 ACL: rules can be set for the component, galleries and images
* ^ Backend implemented ACL configure and access.
* ^ Frontend My galleries works with permissions (that can be set in backend).
* ^ Moved .sys.ini files to admin/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_rsgallery2.sys.ini etc.
* + Save button on edit image and edit gallery pages (addition to save & close)

Biggest changes in v3 since SVN 1018:

* ACL implemented in Backend
* .sys.ini files available for all languages, although except for the ducht nl-NL file the keys still have english values (open invitation to tranlators...). Find the .sys.ini files in admin/language in the zip.
* Slideshow Phatfusion removed (uses older version of Mootools that isn't supported by J!1.6
* Front-end My Galleries shows up to 10 levels deep instead of only two
* Removed rsgAccess class, it's deprecated now that there is J!1.6 ACL
We're working towards a Release Candidate now!

Changes in SVN1040 with respect to v3RC1

* Added zip upload in frontend
* Added regenerate display images option
* Frontend MyGalleries now has possibility to (un)publish/delete multiple images at once (user needs Edit State/Delete permission for individual images)
* Frontend MyGalleries has proper pagination for imagelist
* Added option to set default state for uploaded images to (un)published (for users with Edit State permission for the chosen gallery)
* Watermark display image no longer shows original image
* Added persian (fa-IR) thanks to user Joomir
* Now installing in MySQL 5.5
[Download available in top post (for logged in users)]

Changes in SVN1050 with respect to v3.0.1

* Added choice for menu-item that links directly to the slideshow (as discussed here:
* Added View Access Level to galleries
* Galleries in the frontend are only shown 1) if the gallery is published and the user has view access, or 2) if the user is the owner of the gallery (a red H icon will indicate unpublished galleries)
* Items (e.g. images) in the frontend are only shown 1) if the gallery to which they belong to is published and the user has view access for the gallery, or 2) if the user is the owner of the gallery to which the item belongs and the item is published
* In My Galleries only those items and galleries are shown for which the user has View Access. Exception: Super Administrators see all items and galleries
* Note: View Access is not 'inherited': If you're not allowed to see gallery Fruit, then you won't see its subgallery Apples even when you have View Access to that gallery (if there is a menu-item linking directly to the subgallery Apples it will show, it's parent View Access does not matter).
* Note: anyone who knows where the images are stored on the server and knows what the image name is can access the image directly (this is something that might change in the future, but it needs a Big change in the code).
* Version number is bumped to 3.0.2 instead of 3.0.1 to allow for some database changes: added `access` field to `#__rsgallery2_galleries` and set to 1 (Public access) for all galleries; increase in the length of fields `name` and `title` for the items.
[Download available in top post (for logged in users)]


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