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Posting rules


Posting rules

* This board is for RSGallery2 v3.x for Joomla 2.5
(note: RSG2 3.x wil not install on Joomla 3.x).
* Think of a meaningfull subject line (e.g. not "it does not work").
* Make sure you're using the latest version of RSG2 and Joomla 2.5 (check that here: What is the latest RSG2 release? Check it on the front page
* Check if your problem already has been reported.
* Please include:

* How to recreate the bug (preferably on a fresh Joomla install)?
* Versions of Joomla, RSGallery2, PHP, MySQL, etc. In other words, include your System Information that is found here: Backend > Site > System Information > System Information (that includes the browser you are using).
* Are you using SEF, if yes, only Joomla SEF (and then what is RSGallery2's advanced SEF option: Backend > Components > RSGallery2 > Control Panel > Configuration > tab: General, Setting: Advanced SEF) or what third party SEF?
* What did you expect to happen and what did happen?
* Now that J!1.6/1.7/2.5 ACL is implemented: also mention if your user is logged on and what permissions (s)he has for the component/gallery/item. (Note: for users with Configure permission (admins) there is a 2nd help button in RSGallery2's Control Panel with ACL info.)
* If you are experiencing a problem after an upgrade, please also mention the version you were upgrading from.
* In case of questions, suggestions, etc. about a language, please help us by giving us the codes and the names for a language. E.g. nl-NL is dutch (nl) and the Netherlands (NL), just as pt-BR is portugese as spoken in Brazil.
* In case of problems (or a white/blank screen): turn on Joomla's Debug (Backend > Site > Global Configuration > System > Debug System = Yes) and also set Error Reporting to Maximum (Backend > Site > Global Configuration > Server > Error Reporting = Maximum) and report the debug infoIf your question is anwered, or you found a solution to your problem, please let us know. Not only will this help other users with similar problems, it is also nice to hear that a bit of help or information was helpful! At the bottom of a topic you will find a 'topic solved' button to quickly indicate that your question is answered.

How to find out what the permissions of a user are?

* Turn Debug System on: Backend > Site > Global Configuration > System > Debug System = Yes
* View the Debug Permissions Report: Backend > Users > User Manager > Click: 'Debug Permissions Report' for the user
* Show only permissions for RSGallery2 in this Debug Report: in the dropdownlist "- Select Component -" choose "RSGallery2".
* The permissions can be Not Allowed, Allowed or Forbidden for Configure, Access Component, Create, Delete, Edit, Edit State and Edit Own.

* The component permissions are the ones shown with Asset Title and Asset Name 'com_rsgallery2'.
* The gallery permissions have Asset Name '' (where N is the gallery id), also the Asset Title is the gallery name.
* The item permissions have Asset Name 'com_rsgallery2.item.N' (where N is the item id), also the Asset Title is the item name.


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