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Single Image Display plugin Id


This I figure is really simple ..guess I am stupide :P But I was looking at my Joomla Gallery and for the life of me I could not find the image Id to use with the plugin...

Help me I am an ol Fart :D


DUHHHH me..Never mind Just saw it... Gads I hate getting old

Now you'll never forget it  ;)

And for the people that get here after they search and don't know where to find it:
imageid: Backend > Components > RSGallery2 > Items: use the number from the ID column

This information is also in the details found in the Plugin-Manager: Backend > Extensions > Plug-in Manager > [Select the RSGallery2 Single Image Display plugin and edit it OR click on its name] > In the Details section there is information, such as where to find the id, with examples.


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