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Got both Highslide and the single image plugin working...Now I need to understand the usage..

Maybe I am worng but I was hoping that when using the plugin it would open the gallery that the image was in when clicked.. What I am getting now is the browser opening a new page with the image being displayed . Is this the behavior that is planed or am I missing something???

On that same page I have inserted the highslide image and it opens in a popup window..which would wiork for the goal I am after if it can be made linkable.. to the gallery . Not sure if this can be done.. still learning

The RSGallery is the best for the final goal because it has the versatility of adding the comments, description, etc

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

OH I know I probably need to start another thread for this but I guess I will just piggy back here.
Is there a way to add line return  between the bottom of the gallery list and the Text area.. meaning Description and Comments, they are stacking up really to close almost over laying the gallery count list??


I am going to assume you are using RSGallery2 3.1.0 on Joomla 2.5.4 and that you've installed the "Highslide JS" plugin version 2.5.0 and the "RSGallery2 Single Image Display" plugin version 3.1.0.

Question 1: How does the plugin work?
In the Plugin Manager (Backend > Extension > Plug-in Manager) edit the "RSGallery2 Single Image Display". You can set the Popup Style to
- No popup: no popup nor a link: the image is "just shown"
- Use Link and Link Text: when you have a "Link" in the Parameters of an item (Backend > components > RSGallery2 > Items > edit an item...), the image will be linked to the link you provided.
- Normal Popup (which is what you describe you have: it opens a page with only the original image displayed)
- Joomla Modal: joomla modal popup effect (showing the image)
- Highslide: highslide popup effect (showing the image)

Question 2: I was hoping that when using the plugin it would open the gallery that the image was in when clicked...
Currently, it's not an option that the image is linked to the gallery it belongs to other than to give the Link in the parameters of the item. The code of the plugin could be adapted to act like that, though...

Question 3: Is there a way to add line return  between the bottom of the gallery list and the Text area?
Of course, you can for example edit the style. If you are using Mozzilla Firefox, firebug is a great plugin ( Firebug let's you inspect the code and see what the applicable CSS styling is doing and in which file the CSS code is. Then you can show your webpage, for example, and see that the four tabs starting with description are in a div with class rsg_sem_inl_ImgDetails and above that there is a div with class rsg_sem_inl_Nav for the pagination. You could increase margins on top or bottom for these divs. Firebug is a great tool to test what you want and to see which css files you need to edit to achieve it.

When you've edited the style sheets that are a part of RSGallery2 you actually edited the RSGallery2 template, then it might be a good idea to backup that template or give it another name as described here:

By the way: the good thing about having different threads for different questions is that other users who are looking for an answer can better find it when it's posted in a board that is meant for it.

My apologies I forgot to add the parameters  Joomla 2.5 etc.. but you nailed them

Thanks for the information, it really helps.. When I get more time I will look closer at the source code to see how I might be able to adapt it. I will work with it as is for now and figure out how to make it do

Yeah Like I said I know I should have started a new thread for that piggy back question. so you can slap me about the head and shoulders with a wet noodle. Never expected you you to go that in dept with an explanation on adding the line return. a simple yeah modify the template.. would have been fine..

I'm an Opera user got the same thing as firefly so no sweat..

Thanks again for you assistance


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