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500 error Rackspace


I seem to have all types of problems with my installation on a Rackspace cloud site. Today I have spent the bulk of the day trying to get three different modules to work but I have the same problem with all 3 of them which is a 500 error on the administration side.

I have installed RSGallery2 3.2.0  on Joomla 2.5/ php 5.4. Should I change it to php 5.3? I had to disable the cache in the .htaccess file to keep it from throwing an error because something was faukty with it - is 5.4 a mess or is it the cloud on Rackspace? I have tuned debug on and maximized error reporting but that doesnt seem to help me - the file is not updated and Im losing my mind.

In case of errors please post the exact error message while error reporting is set to maximum and debug is enabled, see this post:

I have not tried PHP 5.4 yet, so if you are able and willing to use 5.3, please try both versions.


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