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Download error



When clients download an image they are unable to open the file in photoshop.

Photoshop gives an error message 'This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete)'

When I preview the file, there seems to be corruption of about 8 lines of pixels at the bottom of the image

Problem is extremely urgent as members, whilst been able to download, cannot use the image in publications

I have attached a copy image for you to view the problem which I think may be an issue with download not completing properly


Sorry for the inconvienience
a) Do you have something like original and forgery ?
b) do you use the newest version of joomla / RSG2 ?

As you put it in board RSG2 3.x you may still use the old version.
So the question is more what has changed on your system

If it is the version for J3.x i wonder if the PHP GDI library has changed. I far as i can determine the calls for creating shrinked or thumbnail pictures is the same as before.
There is a setting to use the original unchanged image. How is your setting ?


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