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Images don't show when clicking thumbnail J!2.5


I tried to batch upload through FTP and the images can show in Slideshow but not when I click on the thumbnail. It just shows the image file name on the top of the page after I click on the thumbnail. I tried single upload and I wasn't able to upload at all. Tried zip upload through Joomla backend and I waited a long time and the page didn't change a bit... :(

I'm using Joomla 2.5.28, with RSGalleary2 3.2.0. The old galleries are still there but I cannot upload new images to old galleries with single upload.

It looks like there are several ,or one common issue
To near it down we need some more information.

Which PHP version is running ?
Do you get error messages when uploading single images

I had joomla version 2.5.x running with RSG2 3.2.0 for some time but mabe not on J! 2.5.28. I will check it again

To improve things in between now and a solution you may try RSG 2 Control->maintenance->regenerate->regenerate thumb and regenerate display images
This shall create the missing files. But as the other part is not working it may be this ain't neither

i did install J!2.5.28 and uploaded two pictures. See one uploaded picture is small (The blue one) but with the other you may try to click it. When i tried it it did get bigger in several steps.


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