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RSGallery2 4.2.0 for Joomla 3.5 is released


 Sorry the upload size is 6.7 Megabytes internally (2.4M as *.zip) which is not accepted for ZIP upload on some servers
 Please upload by hand and install by files from server
* Redesigned maintenance section (form)
* Maintenance has now three zones
* -> Repair zone: View config, improve db and images
* -> Danger zone: Configuration raw edit, purge data and delete all images
* -> Upgrade zone: (from 1.x or 2.x) Repair misssing database tables, ...
* New in Maintenance->Upgrade zone: Compare actual DB with requierd RSG2 sql file and fix any discrepancies
* Maintenance design with icomoon icons
* Rewritten code: Every function (button) with two icomoon icons on the "button" is completely written anew
* Basic checks and changes for running under PHP7 Fixed:
* Edit of forms 'gallery' and 'images' missed the permission selection
* Images in header of slideshow were arranged in two rows instead of one
* My gallery: Add image or add gallery didn't add image or gallery
* User Comments: 'Input Box' not shown and 'Send' not working
* Permissions (ACL) can be set for gallery or image in edit form again
* Fixed: Users of My gallery could upload in foreign galleries Known issues:
* Slideshow slideshow_pathfusion is not running.


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