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Prevent download of gallery images



I have a question about downloading a picture

If a guest is rightcliking on a picure, he can download it

Is it possible to block for that ?

best regards

Hello Leif_e
preventing to download a image is not easy and may not be achived due to several browser reasons see

In RSGallery2 you may switch off the [configuration -> display -> Front page] option "Display Downloadlink".

Instead of preventing downloads you may use watermarked images instead. This is recommended here:

In [configuration -> display -> watermark ] activate your preferred setting
Whenever a image is viewed single for the first time in a gallery then this watemarked file is created and shown

There is a glitch . If you allow a popup with a realsize image in
[configuration -> display -> image display] then the big image shown has no watermark and may be downloaded

Hi Whazzup

Thanks for the answer, I will work with watermarks

best regards


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