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Remove pagination bar (numbers) in 'gallery - single image' view


is it possible to remove the numberbar in the top of the gallery.
I will only remove it to get more space for the pictures

mvh. Leif

This can only be accomplished by changing the actual sources if you have access to them
In your joomla path find file \components\com_rsgallery2\templates\semantic\html\inline.php
Find following lines and remove them

--- Code: ---<?php //if (nav_both_top_and_bottom or nav_only_top){ //MK// [todo] [make config var for location navigation]?>
      <div class="rsg_sem_inl_Nav">
          <?php $this->showDisplayPageNav(); ?>
<?php //}  ?>

--- End code ---
Please copy the file before so you may go back if needed
Sadly the file will be replaced by the next RSGallery2 installtion.

In the long run there will be settings in the config for it. But i can't tell when it is on our list. I already added an issue for it. See

Thanks for the reply, I will have a look at it

Best regards


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