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Upload timeout for large galleries (500 images each)


Hi team, I just got wind of RSGallery2 for Joomla tonight and decided to try it.  On uploading to the gallery, each time it timed out on me after uploading 168 images.  I can change my PHP.INI (v7x) settings, and thought I'd double the max_execution_time from 300 to 600, but that didn't seem to work.

I have 80 galleries of over 500 images each, and am using the upload from server option.  Can anyone help?

I like what I see so far, except for this small issue.


Hi Dan,

i will think about it more on the weekend . I will meet some joomla guys. Hopefully they have idea.
In between i suggest to try1 the new drag and drop upload function.
It does first reserve the database entries and then uploads the files one by one.
It may need a lot of upload time but may not interrupt after some time.
Nothing is perfect. so in maintenance with consolidate image database the state can be checked.
see description

regards whazzup

Hi there, and thanks for the reply (I would call you by your first name but you didn't mention it in your message).  I have resolved the issue.  It's nothing to do with RSGallery2, it has everything to do with the way I was uploading.  Firstly, I only had 168 images in the gallery (D'OH!), and secondly, I tried it with one that actually has 500 images in the gallery and it never timed out.

Having said that, in php.ini, I changed upload_max_filesize to 8M, post_max_size to 8M, and memory_limit to 128M, but I probably didn't have to do that with the settings I already had.

Thanks for your prompt reply, and you can probably ignore my post (for now, unless something goes horribly wrong, lol).


Actually there is one more thing.  After uploading each gallery, after uploading the last image in each gallery I get a 404 Page Not Found error.  Maybe you can check that and let me know how to fix it.  Thanks again.

Hi dan,
at the weekend i was on a joomla event. This week i will fix the "404 Page Not Found" after FTP upload.


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