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Ftp upload in automated multiple stages



my biggest hurdle every month is to bring up between 80 and 140 pictures to a new gallery.
i organise a monthly jogging event (Thursdays near the full moon we run to a castle 16 km an 350 height) see

I began with packing 8 files into a zip and then opened three registers and uploaded three zips after each other and started all over again.

Now i tried to use FTP. I got over the newbee hurdles but am stuck with the limits of my provider. The execution time tolerates 8 pictures to be loaded before rsgallery is interrupted. So i copy 8 files to the ftp transfer directory upload them delete them and start again

I see two possible improvements to handle this situation.

(A) The rsgallery programme keeps some information to see where it got stuck and on next transfer it ask to start from first not transferred picture (Completes half processes of course)

(B) Ftp Upload asks how many pictures shall  be uploaded per transfer. In the next form it displays the next pictures with a start button (This is the known standard picture). When the pictures are transfered the next same picture appears with the next ones. As the execution time is now reduced to allowed maximal time the user has nearly no downfalls.

This would help me a lot, believe me ;-)

Since I have a similar issue (challenge?) once a year (uploading triathlon event photos) I have been thinking on how to improve this. On my webhost it is possible to have a directory on the server with 200+ photos and use the FTP upload method to get it done. That is a whole lot more than the 8 you mention. B.t.w my max_execution_time is 30 and upload_max_filesize is 50M. It does take more than 30 seconds though. So I have a problem with my skills here... I have to learn more about how and why and where uploading and code-execution is limited. I'd really like to improve this, I just don't exactly know how yet.

Or perhaps there is an option (C): transfer the images to the /images/rsgallery/original/ folder and have RSG2 find out which images are not yet in the database yet, and then have the option to select multiple (as opposed to the current single) images for which to make thumbs/display images and database entries. But then again I still have to improve my skills here to make sure that execution doesn't stop half-way. And what would that do with the resources of the system?


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