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joomla 1.5 last comment ?


any body can tell me what module can show last comment(or all comments) in the front site? (or a install in  cpanel)
(like RSitems , but RSitems just support joomla 1.0  not suppor joomla 1.0  but   my joomla is 1.5)
please help me
thanks for your help

When I searched the web I could find links to two modules saying thay showed RSGallery2's last comments (both not by the RSGallery2 Team). However, both links are dead and I was unable to find a download of these anywhere.

So, to my knowlegde, there is no module available to show the latest comments for RSGallery2 images.

Of course, if you want to write a module (and there are how-to's available on the web) and need some help on the RSGallery2 part you can post your questions here: What you basically need to know is that comments are stored in the #__rsgallery2_comments table (where #__ is replaced by the database prefix).


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