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Direction for next steps, your ideas are welcome


Yes there may be some more bugs fixed but and the issue list what could be done is still very long. Anyhow my feeling is that i want to do some development or basic steps to improve RSGallery2.

* (1) I would like to see the project more in MVC of J!3 (legacy) with controlers models and views seperate for every task.
* (2) I would like to have an automated test which creates galerys and visits all pages.
* (3) I would like to have a crawler going through the pages and print every form so a) Dokumentation could be automated and B) easyly checked what goes wrong and how
* (4) I would like to check HTML 5 elements lige picture and image and we need a concept for delivering different image sizes for different devices (view areas)
* (5) I have an idea of an imagewall where all images are aligned to each other and are merged where they are building a joined border
* (6) I have the idea to use the in joomla! included bootstrap to create a slideshowToo much work and not enough workhorses :-)

These are my ideas, now i need yours and your opinion where to go first.

Wow! You have high expectations! Nice :-)

You are now way ahead of me. I was always bughunting and learning PHP/coding in that proces. I can understand 1 and 2, but I would not even know where to start with that. It is beyond my skill level. I don't understand 3 and 4 and 6. 5 seems interesting, it is a different way of showing the images, e.g. it could be an extra template?

Why don't you "just" do what you like best first, and what you have the time for? There are several negative things on effectively working by yourself on something, but the positive is that *you* get to choose ;-)

Perhaps you could even post a question like this on the public part of the forum and see if there are people willing to join you?

Yes i am a professional, at least in ambition ;-)
What i wanted was new ides and general directions.
I have a general idea how to do (2) and (3) but it is so much work to but in the end everything gets faster
On (1) I am still learning from the basics

I will work on my ideas of course but sometimes a little direction is helpful. There should be more than my ideas especially form users of the rsgallery2. They sure have an idea what they miss.


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