Nightly Builds for RSGallery2 in Joomla 1.5 [closed]


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[1] Available Nightly Builds - posting guidelines - downloads

[2] [SVN1013] Your (user) feedback on installation and SEF URL

[3] [SVN1009] Undefined index: public frontend

[4] [not a bug/solved][SVN1009] Jpage current of total

[5] [FIXED][SVN565] Warning: getimagesize. failed to open stream: No such file...

[6] [SVN 791] new SEF routing

[7] [FIXED][SVN866] Backend gallery ordering errors - Fix Posted here

[8] No Lightbox in IE6/7 [SVN-617]

[9] [SVN-788] Error in backend regenerating thumbnails


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