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[SVN 1012] Translation danish (da-DK) does not work probably


Subject says it all. Tell me how to translate, and i will do it?



You mean: you only see english in frontend and backend?

I see that is the danish installation and menu file is missing. Would you be so kind to translate that (e.g. en-GB.com_rsgallery2.sys.ini) for us? We advise to use the Notepad ++ editor and save the file in UTF-8 without BOM.


(Please post the translated file as a compressed file; for obvious reasons we do not accept .ini files)

Thanks for your offer to help out!

Addition to locutusweb:
There is a danish da-DK.com_rsgallery2.ini file for the backend and frontend, but not for the menu-items. It is the da-DK.com_rsgallery2.sys.ini file that locutusweb refers to. The .sys.ini file is new in J!1.6.

In addition to that, all language files had to be changed since the keys can no longer contain e.g. spaces and the strings need to be enclosed in double quotes ("string"). There can be a problem within the da-DK.com_rsgallery2.ini file. You can check this by setting "Debug System" to "Yes" and "Debug Language" to "Yes" (Backend > Site > Global Configuration > System). Then check for "Parsing errors in language files" at the bottom of each page.

Examples of problems

* COM RSGALLERY2_AUTHOR_INFORMATION="Author information" --> key has a space in it
* COM_RSGALLERY2_AUTHOR_INFORMATION="Author information --> missing quote at the and of the string
* COM_RSGALLERY2_AUTHOR_INFORMATION.="Author information" --> period (.) in key is not allowed
* COM_RSGALLERY2_AUTHOR_INFORMATION="Author information" --> correct
There are new keys/strings in the en-GB.com_rsgallery2.ini file as well, see that file for the "new in v3..." line.

Check out the SVN 1023 zip and find your languages .sys.ini file. There you can translate the english strings into your language. It's gotten easier since my last post  ;)


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