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Hi to all, and sorry for my english. I have installed com_rsgallery2_3.0.1 into joomla! 1.7 and i have found some missing translation terms as shown in the image attached named rsgallery1.JPG

I have modified the it-IT.com_rsgallery2.ini and now is all right. ;D

Thanx for yours support.

Sorry... :( the right patch is this.......

sorry again

Hi Scioz,

Thank you!

You've added a lot of missing language strings. Your changes will be part of the next release. In the RSGallery2 Control Panel there is a Credits page, what name can I add for the italian (it-IT) credits?

The next version will have some new features, would you perhaps be interested in translating the strings needed for that? You can get a preview of the next release here: with the Nightly Build 1053. It already includes the changes in the italian language file you posted here. The english en-GB file holds all the new strings and has comments that show when the new strings were added (after which version; latest new strings at the bottom).

Hi mirjam
it'a pleasure for me to collaborate with the staff of rsgallery2. I have found this component very interesting.

I have seen other things to verify and modify for italian translaction and i'm working on it.
As soon as possible, l'll send you all the file for the complete translaction to italian.

If u want to add me in your Credit page, please use Marco Galimberti.
Thanx again for your attention,

Perhaps this general information will help as well?
For instance, there is no italian .sys.ini file yet.


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