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Nightly build: com_rsgallery2 J!3x newest version

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* Fixed XML Manifest file
* Improved control panel view 
! Issue: On J3.4 may be it is needed to transfer the binaries with FTP as direct zip installation did not work on test site.

 com_rsgallery2 Version

* Fixed: White page after installing (on older PHP version)com_rsgallery2 Version

* Fixed: Onload of images following appeared : "1054 Unknown column '$list' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT .... "com_rsgallery2 Version 4.0.8

* Fixed: My galleries in frontend: Users can't change the information of galleries or images. Button "Save" is activated
* User confirmation for buttons "purge tables" and "Remove RSGallery2 tables" in control panel when debug state is activecom_rsgallery2 Version 4.0.6

* Removed log path to administrator folder for installation (Did not install on all servers)
* Removed debug messages from setup
* Changed array definition which was not valid for PHP 5.3.27com_rsgallery2 Version 4.0.5

* Improved template manager
* Sidebar is shown on template manager and maintenance
* Sidebar in configuration improvedcom_rsgallery2 Version 4.0.4

* My galleries: Upload Image and create galleries is working
* My galleries_ Improved, no error messages in front endcom_rsgallery2 Version 4.0.3

* First test versionState:

* pre beta, runs on some public web pages and on several XAMMP installationsImprovements

* First version to run under Joomla! 3.x
* Upgrade/new installation does work (may be too many debug messages)
* Can be installed from scratch or as update to an older RSG2 version (see Link to topic )
* At least one Slideshow is workingKnown issues

* Slideshow slideshow_pathfusion is not running.
* Parameters in file Parameter.ini for slideshows are not working
* When joomla will disable deprecated functions you may need an actual version againAttention: This version is not intended to run under Joomla 2.5

To download the appended file you have to log in

FANTASTIC!!! I am really appreciative you are working on getting this ROBUST, EASY, & GREAT LOOKING Gallery available for Joomla! 3.x I had no idea what I was going to do without it! If I thought I could help I most certainly would! I can write some PHP using MYSQL but I am a mere beginner and wouldn't be much help in that aspect. I can however beta test all you want! So far it seems some of the menu buttons are out of position when considered with other applications, but who cares they are there and working! So far with the the only feature I am finding not working (and is of most importance to me) is the batch upload feature. I probably have 2 to 3 hundred files to upload and one at a time is much slower then batch .zip uploading. I am getting an error which reads: Fatal error: Call to undefined method JFile::baseName() in /home/cphostin2/public_html/ on line 465

Anyway, GREAT WORK, hope the error reporting helps? Can't wait until the bugs are completely worked out! And again, thank you so very much for supporting this awesome component!

Just an added note, I tried the FTP batch file transfer and it worked fine.

Thanks for your reply Vellmen,
Within the next days there will be a version which fixes some of the misorganized parts in admin section
regards whazzup

Next Version for Joomla! 3.x is ready
If Version 4.0.5 did install no update is necessary


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