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Batch Upload via frontend


Hi - new to RSGallery2 - is there a way to have batch upload for the frontend as I have about a dozen users who need to upload >100 photos each? Only found it in the backend, but on the frontend single file upload only.


Dear Hal4711,
a user with active "mygallery" is able to load *.zip files for multiple images
with the same click he uses to upload single images.

Actually i am working on a drag and drop solution on the back end
(release this year) but it may be middle or end of 2018 until i
changed enough of the frontend to reach the "mygalllery" section
On the other side i may start with mygalleries when i am finished
with the backend. Then the release with drag and drop is
expected for summer 2018 but sorry no guarantee

All i know of the competition is that phoca gallery has also
a user upload but in never checked how good it is.
you may check it out

Regards whazzup

if I try a zip upload of .jpg files I get a:
Error in upload
Wrong image format

Error message. - Any idea?


Hello Ha4711,
sorry no idea

Which upload Methode do you use ?
Necessary is zip upload in backend
 on mygallery *.zip and *,.img may be uploaded
Does the file end with *.zip ?
Can you try a zip with just a few files ?

Regards Whazzup


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