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Change the order of uploaded images in the gallery



How can i change the order in which the uploaded and published images are presented?
I have 4 images uploaded that i want to show on position 56 onwards, but changing the position number in the Order column does not have that effect.
In total there are in this gallery now 87 items, not all of them visible for the public.

What do i have to do to get the latest images in between where i want them, NOT in the upload order they are now in.

Many thanks in advance,

Hello Malu,
Ordering is not our strongest feature (see below) but it is possible to arrange the order.
In the image list view select the gallery so the number of images is reduced.
In column 'order' exchange numbers as you like it. On the right side of of the 'order' title
is a green button which saves the ordering. It will reorganice the numers from 1 to last.
one. So you may play with the numers like using big numbers outside the range like 1000
or using the same number twice.
On second or third try the needed order should be set :-)

The reason for beeing not perfect is the possiblity of galleries withing galleries. With
the actual database structure the ordering is not joomla standard and done by
separate code construct.


Thank you for your tips.
Have tried a lot in the image list view, again, and nothing worked. I have at this point only one gallery. Even if i changed the list to 200 per page and started changing the order number in 110 etc.
So, i did it manually, per image item - edit - overwrite the order number  - save.
Now it is as i wished.


Hello Malu,
Thank you for your patience.
And for your ideas to solve it.
I am really sorry that it didn't worked out on your side
Regards whazzup


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