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How do I depublish the Download icon?



Could you tell me where I can depublish the Download icon that shows beneath the single image presentation?

Many thanks in advance,

Hanneke Smulders

In "control panel -> display -> front page" you may switch off field "Display Downloadlink"

Sorry to say that I cannot find Display in the RSGallery Control panel.
Instellingen/Configuration seems the logic option, but I get a blank page then.
With Firefox, Edge and Chrome browser.
Could you please give me more details where I can find "Display-front page"?
Many thanks,

Can you check if javascript is enabled in your browsers ?
Display is the third TAB in Configuration.

Sorry if the translation is missing. My "netherland" skills are nearly nill ;-)
I will try to organise a image of a english page soon

Lets try to fix this issue first then the other ones. May be the other will follow smoother afterwards.

The first rule to find an error like this is to switch on debug
-> Global Configuration -> System -> Debug System

Instead of white screens an error should appear now


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