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Depublish image title above the single image presentation



How can I depublish the image title in the single image presentation?
For example:

Many thanks for you help.

Hanneke Smulders

Hello Hanneke,
The settings in the RSGallery2 configuration have not changed (that much) from the version for J!2.5 to J!3.x so i expect that if you can compere them 1:1 you may find improvements
On the front side some views and slideshows are disabled (Not running any more). Did you jhave to selct difernt views than before ?

I try to care for your isssues more in the evening

OK, you are right. In the previous RS Gallery version I typed a dot as title, so that did not bother then.
Now in the new version I like that the title shows during the slide show in the left down corner.
But if it is too complicated to have the latter and not the title shown above a single image, then I will change all titles back into dots.
Best regards,
Hanneke Smulders


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