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Read this first!


check out the posted demo.  this displays properly in the latest versions of FF, IE6, Opera and Safari.

when posting about display bugs:

- make sure your using the latest RSG2
- report browser name and version
- report and link to the template you are using
- include a screenshot

modifying/creating new templates is done by modifying the css file at: /components/com_rsgallery2/rsgallery.css

currently the frontend is NOT finished.  this means that a significant chunk is still using styleless tables and class/id names are subject to change.  this should change soon as it is what i am currently working on.

have fun!  :-)

Chief Code Slave
The RSGallery2 Project Team

Get Firefox, make sure you install the DOM inspector.  There are plenty of other tutorials out there, but it basically works like this.

- Launch the DOM Inspector
- click the mouse cursor icon in the top left corner
- click the element you want to change on the page
- look at the class or id names of now selected element in the DOM insepector
- modify the /components/com_rsgallery2/rsgallery.css accordingly


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