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All of the current developers do not have the time to develop for Joomla! 1.0 any longer.  This means that development of RSGallery2 Legacy has stopped.

If you are interested and qualified to be the new Legacy Lead Developer and resume development of RSGallery2 Legacy, please post here explaining why you are interested and what qualifies you for the job.

Chef Groovy:
Are there any testers for legacy still?

Fot the Joomla 1.0. branch I 'm ready to continues .

Chef Groovy:
I still run 1.0 on my page too. I can do some dev work on bugs and new features. 

Or at least steal ideas from the J1.5 team and port it backwards  ;)

Chef Groovy, you've got the position.  I'm PMing you more info.

Michael, if you want SVN access you can commit code and help out with development in addition to bug testing, just PM me.



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