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RSGallery2 adheres to MVC of 1.5?


I am looking for a more standard way of defining menu items that link straight to a certain gallery and have come to this page:

This describes that the menu item parameters are located in a xml file in


As there is non such folder in the rsgallery2 component, I was wondering whether RSGallery2 adheres to Joomla's MVC and - if not - when this will be the case.

I would like to add more parameters than only the gellery id. For instance it would be nice to define the look of the menu item straight when creating it, i.e. slideshow, single view, thumbnail view, etc.

Any comments will be appreciated.


Hi Juro,

RSG2 has only recently become J1.5 native and still has a lot of work to become ful J1.5 standardized.

My advice is to create an external link and just drop in the exact URL that works for you.  To view a gallery in a certain fashion, look into the rsgTemplate and page parameters.  Between gid and rsgTemplate you should be able to do what you want.

Jonah, thank you for moving the thread .... had a momentary lapse of reason there.

I have figured out how to manually create the link, was just curious as to how 1.5 conform RSGallery2 already is.

Another question, is it possible to add custom variables to the menu link and read them in a template? I have a slideshow with controls (stop/start/next/previous) which I want to show based on the GET parameter options.


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