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--- Quote from: Jonah on April 03, 2007, 02:20:09 PM ---Thanks for the bug reports.  The ordering of images in thumbnail view is messed at the moment.

--- Quote from: bart on April 03, 2007, 12:14:46 PM ---But i think you will be soon with a nice slideshow better then the Todd one you have with the other template at the moment. ;)

--- End quote ---

Ya, it's a 3+ year old freebie off the web.  Find/code us a better one!  :-)

--- End quote ---

I was thinking it would better to open a new topic for this.
I'm better in giving feedback then coding stuff...  ;)

I can tell what i what i'm looking for in a slideshow   ;D:

It would be nice if the pictures would zoom out and in and be fading. Actually the only example for this is a screensaver i know. you can find it here If I find an example on the web i will post it here.

Also a navigation button would be nice. If possible or if it is needed a background what is fading away like for example when in windows vista a error shows up would be cool too.

I know I ask a lot, but that would be nice targets to set and these are possible.

Maybe somebody else have some good ideas about this. just post it.

Here you can create slideshows it's not the perfect tool because it's not compatible with joomla and it isn't free. but the trial version gives a nice impression on how it could be.

Those are some great ideas.  A xml template is also in the works for and should be ready in a few weeks.  This will integrate it totally with RSG2. Again unfortunately proprietary however, so the quest for an OSS flash slideshow continues...

Daniel Tulp:
maybe something that looks like

Those are nice ones too. still I would love to see zooming in and out on the pictures like on the screensaver. If you have seen the standardphotoscreensaver on the mac then you also know what i mean.

also a good example of the background i have found it here:
link (click on the picture and you know what i mean).

Here you find some of the source files from the demo above.

Daniel Tulp:
that isn't flash, it is a modification of the lightbox 2 script, which is javascript, I believe it even uses some ajax


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