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alphas, alphas and production ready alphas: RSG2 release methodology changed.


RSG2 has been releasing alphas since the project began, and we've made a lot of progress.  Many solid core libraries have been written and the stability and features of the project shows.  However, these are still alphas and some unexpected bugs slip into them making it dangerous for production sites to just upgrade to the latest alpha.  Because there are so many production sites using RSG2 we're making a change in our release methodology.

The next release (1.13.0, a minor version increase because of the major template changes) will NOT be recommended for production sites.  A branch in SVN will be created for 1.13.0.  As small fixes are reported and fixed these will be committed to the branch as well as the trunk.  However new features and innovation will only be committed to the trunk, not the branch.  When the 1.13.0 branch appears stable enough 1.13.1 will be released and WILL be RECOMMENDED for production sites.  In this manner production site administrators can be confident things don't blow up when they upgrade.

A similar announcement to this will be made with the next release, but this post is here for discussion.

Sounds like a good idea to me!  ;D

Yes, that is a good idea.. But i also hope that there will be a stable / recommended version out soon :) Yes, i know that depends on the testers and the developer.. :D


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