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Author Topic: Image upload no longer works in Joomla 1.5  (Read 4108 times)

Offline annasweb

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Image upload no longer works in Joomla 1.5
« on: February 08, 2016, 07:27:22 PM »
I have a client who has used RSgallery 2 for years.  He wants me to add 3 new images to the site and the upload doesn't allow me to do that any more.  I can select images and the gallery for them but when I click on the upload link I get a message that no images were selected.  I updated the RSgallery2 to 2.3 and it still gives me the same problem.

I manually uploaded the images into the server folders and they still don't show anywhere under items.  The client is very upset and I may loose him if I can't get this to work.


Offline whazzup

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Re: Image upload no longer works in Joomla 1.5
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2016, 12:58:16 PM »
There are three ways to import images
a) upload
b) upload batch -> zip file
c) upload batch -> ftp path
Please try them each

Enter through the backdoor
In emergencies there is the possibility to insert pictures into the "original" path (see configuration).
Then go into [maintenance]. Here with [consolidate database single images] the consistency of the found images are checked.
The unknown images will appear.

Sadly the writing into the image database is not working !!
So we need an existing database entry

Maybe you find
a) A Image which is assigned to the database but the image is missing.
    Copy the new image to the missing name
b) You know a not needed image and overwrites it.
    Then you delete the copies in display, thumb and watermarked folders.
    And use the  [consolidate database single images]. Then the image should appear here

Now use following links on the right side for each single image. [ Create missing images ]
which will create the viewed images.

Now you may move it to an other gallery or edit the image information

This is seldom used so we don't guarantee proper results
Also i don't know the state of this function in your version

!!! First thing please backup before trying anything

One afterthought:
May be the PHP version doesn't match the source code any more. Please check

Consider using Joomla 3x but the upgrade path for RSG2 may even then be difficult.
If you are looking for the newest version of  RSGallery2 for Joomla 3 please check out